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Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery: Feasibility of the Direct Fascial Puncture Technique Without Working Trocars.

Sports Femoral Hernia in a Young Female Weightlifter -The first reported case in the World.

Successful Penile Replantation Using Loupe Magnification

Surgical glove use for specimen removal in laparoscopy, the cheapest available: a prospective study

Surgical leadership in the time of significant generational diversity: Letter to the Editor

Sutureless Retrograde Thyroidectomy using Ligasure – A Prospective Study

Small Bowel Volvulus due to Ileo-cecal Valve Failure Secondary to an Obstructing Rectal Adenocarcinoma: First Reported Case

Sarcoid aortic aneurysm surgical difficulties

Segmental Colectomy for bleeding diverticular disease guided by the PEEP test

Segmental Infraction of the Omentum diagnosis by ultrasound

Sentinel lymph node biopsy in Gastrointestinal malignancies – Where do we stand?

Severe Pretibial Myxedema

Simple repair of fractured penis

Splenic flexure Volvulus

Small Bowel Intussception a rare complication of renal cell carcinomaLetter to the editor

Six fold suture wound length ratio for abdominal closureLetters and comments

Solid Pseudopapillary Neoplasms of the Pancreas: A Report of Two Cases.

Splenic Rupture Mimicking Dengue Shock Syndrome

Splenic Salvage

Splenic artery psuedoaneurysm causing massive per rectal bleeding

Strong linea alba: Myth or reality?

Students’ Rating on Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning and Skille Laboratory Training in the Phase I MBBS Program

Successful penile replantation using loupe magnification

Successful Replantation of Severed Limbs

Surgeons’ attitudes toward mechanical bowel preparation in the 21st centrury A survey of the Caribbean College of Surgeons

Surgical treatment of penile fracture: Letter to the Editor

Second Fracture of the ipsilateral corpus cavernosumCase Report

Secondary Prevention of Diabetic Foot Infections in a Caribbean Nation A call for Improved patient education

Severe Pretibial MyxedemaCase Report

Severe intestinal psedo-obstruction withdrawal from over the counter steroid abuse :Case Report

Strangulated perforated hiatus hernia due to pyloric stenosis :Case Report

Swiss Roll Operation for Giant FibroadenomasCase Report

Self-directed treatment for lower limb wounds in persons with diabetes a short report.

Slow Decompression of the bladder using an intravenous giving set

Splenic Abscess arsising from acute cholecystitis : A case Report

Suggestions for clarity in Medical Writing

Surgery in the West Indies A perspective from Trinidad

Spontaneous rupture of liver haemangioma A case report and review of literature

Severe Perineal Lacerations in Obstetric Practice The Effect of Institutional Practice Guidelines on Repair Failures in a Single Centre.

Surgical Relevance of anatomic variations of the right hepatic vein

Synchronic volvulus of splenic flexure and caecum: a very large cause of large bowel obstruction Case Report

Swiss Roll Operation for Giant Fibroadenomas

Taking the next step in 2005, the year of the diabetic foot.

Testicular tumors in Trinidad

The appendix and the inguina canal Amyands hernia a case report

The Caged Bird Sign of achalasia: A Case Series Describing a New Radiologic Sign that can be Reliably used in a Resource Poor Setting to Diagnose Achalasia

The Diabetic Foot A Caribbean perspective

The hanging manoeuver to complete liver resection for a locally advanced angiosarcoma: a case report

The Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Diabetic Patients at a Tertiary Hospital in an Eastern Caribbean Nation A Cross-Sectional Study

The liver and Chilaiditi’s syndrome Significance of hepatic surface grooves – Case Report

The ‘Modified Coconut bandage’ An innovative new technique for Giant Inguino-scrotal hernia- A prospective case series

The impact of the ATLS course on traffic accident mortality in Trinidad and Tobago

The slipping slipper sign a marker of severe peripheral diabetic neuropathy and foot sepsis

The Use of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma as an adjunct for chronically infected wounds in the Orthopedic Patient

The Use of the Long Saphenous Vein for Lower Limb Salvage: The Evolution of the In situ Bypass Part 1

The Use of the Long Saphenous Vein for Lower Limb Salvage: Technique and Results of In situ Saphenous Vein Bypass Part 2 a

The Use of the Long Saphenous Vein for Lower Limb Salvage: Technique and Results of In situ Saphenous Vein Bypass Part 2 b

Therapeutic Outcomes of Aggressive Pancreatic Resections for Solid Pseudopapillary Neoplasms in a Minimal Volume Centre in the Caribbean

Thrombosed Varix Of The External Jugular Vein: Diagnostic Considerations

Thyroid disease in Trinidad

Thyroid surgery without drainage 15 years of clinical experience

Thyroidectomy: Indications, Technique and Perioperative Care.

Tracheoesophageal Fistula following blunt chest trauma

Transperitoneal Exclusion A simple third world solution

Treatment of Breast Lumps in the Teenager

Treatment of Infra-renal Aorto-Iliac

Trends in breast cancer mortality in Trinidad and Tobago A 35 Year Study

Trichobezoar presenting with comma sign in Rapunzel Syndrome a case report and literature review

Tuberculosis of the Breast

Technical note rapid, large volume resuscitation at resuscitative thoracotomy by intracardiac catheterization.

The Bra Sign in Breast Cancer – Letter to the Editor

The economic impact of hospitalization for diabetic foot infections in a Caribbean nation.

The effectiveness of conservative management for retropharyngeal abscesses greater than 2 cm.

The history of laparoscopic general surgery in the Caribbean.

The impact of hereditary colorectal cancer on the Indian population.

The Impact of Breast Clinic on the Mastectomy and Axillary Clearance Rates at a Tertiary Hospital in an Eastern Caribbean Nation: A Comparative Study

The largest and neglected giant phyllodes tumor of the breast – A case report and literature review.

The steel pan sign of sigmoid volvulus-A case series.

The ‘Saw Tooth’ operation for giant fibroadenomas.

The use of loupe Magnification in Microsurgery in the Third-World A Trinidad Experience

Totally Laparoscopic Whipple’s Operation Initial Report from the Caribbean

Topical soft candle applications for infected diabetic foot wounds a cause for concern

Types of Ulcers of Lower Extremity