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Pancreato Enteric Anastomosis The Duct Evagination Technique

Pancreatic pseudocyst combined single incision laparoscopic cystogastrostomy and cholecystectomy in a resource poor setting

Paget von Schroetter Syndrome Secondary to Exotic Dancing

Paraclavicular approach to thoracic decompression with axillary to internal jugular vein bypass using synthetic conduit for Paget-Schroetter Syndrome: a case report and literature review

Penile Refracture

Perforated left-sided diverticulitis with faecal peritonitis: is the Hinchey classification the best guide for surgical decision making?

Penile Fracture Repair: Assessment of early results and complications using colour doppler ultrsound (Letter to the editor)

Peroneal artery bypass: A reappraisal of its value in limb salvage

Phosphate Enema Causing Life-Threatening Rectal Perforation

Relationship of Ethnicity and histologic type of breast carcinoma :Letter to the editor

Response from Dilip Dan to Commentary from INGE on Case Report OBSU D 09 00159Letter to the editor

Response to: Importance of time in management of fracture penis: A prospective study

Perioperative outcome of carotid endarterectomy with regional anesthesia: two decades of experience from the Caribbean

Peritoneal Encapsulation A preoperative diagnosis is possible

Peritoneal Mesothelioma

Post menopausal breast abscess

Primary non gestational choriocarcinoma of the ovary

Primary repair of colon injuries

Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Breast – The First Reported Rare Breast Cancer From The Caribbean Countries

Prospective study of primary anastomosis without colonic lavage  for patients with an obstructed left colon

Penile refracture in Kermanshah Iran, Report of 172 cases – Letter to the editor

Puncture Wounds in the Diabetic Foot : Importance of X-Ray in Diagnosis

Paraphimosis due to erotic dancing :Case Report

Pit Bull attack causing limb threatening vascular trauma -A case series.

Preoperative Digital carotid compression as a predictor of the need for shunting during carotid endarterectomy.

Papillary Thyroid Adenocarcinoma arising in a Thyroglossal Tract Remnant following excision of a Thyroglossal Cyst: The importance of the SisTrunk Procedure: Case Report

Portal vein thrombosis following laparoscopic cholecystectomy complicated by dengue viral infectionCase Report

Patterns of arteriosclerotic lesions of the lower extremity in a West Indian population based on angiographic findings and ethnicity

Penile Carcinoma in Northern Trinidad and Tobago.

Quality of Life Experienced by Major Lower Limb Extermity Amputees

Question of Patients versus Clients

Rectus sheath haematoma a new set of diagnostic featuresCase Report

Rare liver tumor: symptomatic giant von Meyenburg complex.

Rectus Repair for midline ventral abdominal wall hernia

Recurrent gastric outlet obstruction due to an inguinal hernia


Relationship between vasa vasorum and blood flow to  vein bypass endothelial vein morphology

Relationship of Ethnicity and Histologic Type of Breast Carcinoma in a West Indian Population – Letter to the Editor

Renal Cell Carcinoma Presenting as a Tongue Lesion

Role of oral antibiotics for prophylaxis against surgical site infections after elective colorectal surgery.

Results from a Cardiovascular Prevention Campaign in Persons Aged 45-64 Years

Retrograde Thyroidectomy for preservation of the External Branch of the Superior Laryngeal Nerve: A Case Series

Retrograde thyroidectomy a technique for visualization and preservation of the external branch of superior laryngeal nerve.

Review Article On The Management Of Pancreatic Fistulae

Ruptured mycotic iliac artery aneurysm in a young female patient – a case report and literature review